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Residential Customers

Every homeowner is looking for the opportunities to cut utility costs. With Kentucky United Energy's ability to keep overhead low and purchase natural gas locally, we can assist you in lowering your energy costs.

After you sign up, you will still receive just one bill from the utility, receive your gas through the same pipelines into your existing meter, and your natural gas supply will still be guaranteed by Columbia.

Benefits to Residential and Commercial/ Industrial Customers

Competitive Pricing - Because we obtain gas locally and have lower overhead, we can pass along cost savings to our customers.

Local Source - Our natural gas supply is purchased in Kentucky. We are the only Kentucky-based gas marketing company participating in the Columbia Gas of Kentucky CHOICE® program.

Flexibility - Our customers may choose from several pricing options, depending on your needs. You can choose from multiple variable pricing options or a fixed pricing option, if you are interested in locking in a rate for budgeting purposes. As a comparison, your local utility offers one pricing option.

Reliable Supply
- If, for any reason, Kentucky United Energy should have a problem with supplying your gas, Columbia Gas of Kentucky will step in  to meet your fuel needs without any service interruption.

- There is no initiation fee and you'll continue to receive just one bill from Columbia Gas. The only difference is that your monthly bill will indicate Kentucky United Energy as the marketer you've chosen to supply your natural gas.